sudhir suresh babu bantupalli, arun kumar puttapalli


Introduction: Performance Management is the systematic process by which an agency involve its employees, as individuals and members of a group, in improving organisational effectiveness in the accomplishment of agency mission and goals. The concept of performance management is based on approaches that aim to overcome the negatives of performance appraisal by emphasizing that performance management is a continuous and forward looking process in which managers and individuals work together in partnership. Review of Literature: The review of literature provides insight into the methods, measures, subject, and approaches used by other research workers and can thus lead to significant improvement in the design. Objectives: To review the Measurement, Competency and Leadership based performance management strategies in RINL. To extract the perceptions of performance management outcomes of the employees in RINL. Data collection is one of the important aspects in the empirical research which play an important role in determining the output results. Research instrument is a generic term used for a measurement device. The research instruments used for this study are: questionnaire and interview schedule. A sample is a small proportion of a population selected for observation and analysis. Much care has been taken while selecting the sample for the study. Organizational culture based performance management strategy This infers that Asst. Managers are more positive towards organizational culture based performance management in Vizag Steel Plant than other category employees where managers perceived least performance. This infers that male employees are more positive towards organizational culture based performance management in Vizag Steel Plant where female employees perceived least performance. conclusion: To conclude performance Management should be linked with strategic goals and objectives in order to improve business performance and develop organizational cultures that foster innovation and flexibility. All the above futuristic vision with PM strategies should be based on 3 H's of Heart, Head and Hand i.e., we should feel by Heart, think by Head and implement by Hand. Last but not the least; The popular slogan, service of God" exemplified the significance of the human resources in this context.
Key Wards:
Organizational Effectiveness, Accomplishment, Measurement, Competency, Strategic Goals

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