Jamshaid Akber Qaisrani, Prof.Dr Altaf Hussain Rajpar


Satisfaction surveys are increasingly being suggested as a means to understand the service expectations of patients and performances of hospitals. The purpose of this research is to measure patient`s expectations in public hospitals, if a service gap exists between what is expected and what is experienced. Literature recommends that service dimensions exist that can offer an explanation for the service gap. The survey conducted at Civil Hospital Nawabshah, provides useful information on the determinants of patient satisfaction across the five dimensions of service quality (SERVQUAL).
The findings suggest that a service performance gap exists for all the dimensions, specially assurance affected more due to providing poor response from doctors, nurses and other staff in sense of respecting, guiding, curing the patients. The results of the research led to the conclusion that service quality is measurable when a well-established tool is used and questions posed measure well-defined areas of service quality. The results can serve as the basis for service improvement plans on bases of findings. It is suggested that, to conduct the survey repeatedly for checking level of satisfaction of patients of organization and other public and private hospitals to compare the services with each other.

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