Solving the Problem of Illegal Logging through the Implementation of the Partnership Model between Balai TNK (The Kutai National Park Office) and the Local Communities (The Case Study of Illegal Logging in TNK, East Kalimantan Province)

humphrey wangke


The illegal logging that takes place at Kutai National Park cannot be separated from the socio-economic conditions of the local communities. The lack of jobs that can guarantee the future of the people has encouraged them to commit illegal logging and land clearing. Through this qualitative research, we have come up with the idea of forming a partnership model at Kutai National Park in coping with illegal logging. This partnership model between the Kutai National Park Office and the local communities is aimed at involving the communities in the management of the park from planning to implementing and evaluating the plan to bearing the responsibility for its sustainability. It is because the park belongs not only to the government but also to the local communities that live within the area of the park. It is believed that this model will not only enhance the people’s sense of belonging to the park but also deal with the problem of poor law enforcement and the Indonesian government’s lack of contributions in the conservation of the park.

Keywords: illegal logging, land clearing, partnership model, local communities

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