Stress, illness and job burnout among Gomal University teachers

safia bashir gandapur, Rashid Rehman, Dr. Mohammad Bashir Khan, Wagma Khan



Stressfulness of teaching profession has been accepted throughout the world and there is an increasing attention to find out the various dimensions of teacher stress
The purpose of the study was to provide empirical evidence that prevalence of stress may result in health problems and if stress is not properly managed it may ultimately lead towards a job burnout. Prolonged stress correlates with poorer health and job satisfaction. A sample of 250 (210 male and 40 female) teachers was drawn.
. The Stress Research Questionnaire developed by the researchers was used to collect the primary data . Relationship beween prolonged stress, illness and job burnout was calculated to highlight the need for effective stress management. Primary data was analyzd using the pearson correlation co-efficient to assess the relation between stress, job burnout and the variables of age, sex, marital status, experience, tachers’ designation and monthly income The finding revealed that the level of stress among teachers is significantly high. But there is a little or no element of job burnout among Gomal University teachers.In the end a brief conclusion of research study is presented.

Key words: University teachers, empirical study, correlation analysis, prevalence of teaching stress, stress related illness, job burnout.

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