Theoretical framework of I-Thoun (Information Thought Network)

Abhay Saxena, Dr. Pranav Pandya


The world of computing is changing enormously. The new generation computing like green, cloud, grid has taken the place of conventional computing. The latest generation gadgets i-pad, i-pod, i-phone are making the life smooth and affordable. Most of these devices are controlled by the human being with some physical movement. Think of the situation when the futuristic devices will move with the power of thoughts and speed of emotions. The present paper is a core idea of i-Thoun (an electronic gadget Intelligent based Thought network), a new generation computing device which will run with the speed of thoughts. The network, system connectivity and data transfer all will be available with a high definition speed and with enormous security. The present paper will give the technocrats a new vision and direction of the futuristic computing devices.

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