Performance of rural women Entrepreneurs in Sikkim

Bikash Sharma, Dr. Thillai Govindan Sezhiyan




Women entrepreneurs and their contribution to the National economy are quite perceptible in India. The number of women entrepreneurs has grown over a period of time, especially in the 1990s. Women entrepreneurs need to be lauded for their increased utilization of modern technology, investments, finding a suitable for place marketing their product, creating employment and setting up the trend for encouraging other women entrepreneurs. Although women entrepreneurs have established their potential, the fact remains that they are capable of contributing much more than what they already are. As compared to men, women are less motivated to start business. In this context the study attempts to identify the problem faced by rural women handicraft entrepreneur. The study is based on primary data collected by administrating questionnaire in one Panchayat unit of west district, Sikkim and by selecting 20 rural women handicraft entrepreneurs (WHE) and 20 women were non handicraft entrepreneurs (NEW) from one Panchayat unit.

Keywords: Entrepreneur, handicraft, rural, marketing, Panchayat unit.



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