Customer Attitude towards the CRM-Measures of Cell-phone service providers (GSM) – An empirical study at Pollachi

C.K.Kotravel Bharathi


Indian mobile phone industry has witnessed a remarkable growth, in the recent years. Cheap mobile handsets, availability of services at affordable rates, low initial cost and reasonable recurring charges have motivated several million people to become the customers of leading service providers. Let it be business people, professionals, employed, housewives, senior citizens, youth population including the students, or any other category, everyone considers cell-phone to be an integral part of their day to day life.

In this context, it would be necessary and interesting too, to analyze whether the mobile service providers are successful in managing and retaining the overwhelming customer strength, what are the strategies they adopt to retain the existing customers and to attract the new customers, and how do their CRM strategies work out.  This article is an outcome of the study carried-on at Pollachi Taluk of Tamilnadu (Southern part of India). The study dealt with the customer attitude towards various CRM-measures that are adopted by the cell-phone service providers.

Key words: CRM, Customer-in-absentia, Attitude, Grievance-handling,

Accessibility, Alpha-testing


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