Mood States;A Study of Gamblers and Smokers

neeta gupta



The present has tried to explore Mood States of Gamblers and Smokers.For this data was collected on 200 adolescents :100 females and 100 males.100 respondents in each category ie Gamblers (N=100,B=50,G=50) and Smokers (N=100,B=50,G=50).The design which is used to  conceptulalize the study is 4x2  factorial design .8SQ constructed by Curran and Cattle(1976) was utilized to measure the perceived mood states.The results of the present study have suggested that 1.Gamblers were found to score more on Depression, Regression, Guilt and Arousal as compared to Smokers. 2. Males were found to report more Stress and Fatigue as compared to females.

Key Words:Mood States,Gamblers and Smokers and Adolescents.

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