The Influence of leadership behaviour on employees’ job satisfaction and performance

Akram Jalal, Abbas Naser


Purpose: This study explored the influence of leadership behavioural factors on employees’ job satisfaction, and consequently on employees’ performance.

Design/methodology/approach: Empowerment, Humility, Courage, Forbearance, Directive, Supportive and Participative are the key factors applied in this study as significant dimensions of leadership behaviours.

Random samples of 78 participant managers were collected from a six manufacturing organizations in Dubai to be applied for the analysis of this study. The data needed to measure the hypotheses of the proposed conceptual methods were collected via the 5-point Likert scale structured questionnaire from top, middle and first line managers through survey questionnaires.

SPSS statistics tool has been used to analyse the collected data and formulate and measure the proposed hypotheses using regression and correlation analyses.

Findings: Results show that the five leadership behaviour’s dimensions were statistically significant and positively related with employee’s job satisfaction.

Originality/Values: This study adds to the existing literature by shedding the light on the process by which the selected leadership behavioural factors enhance employees’ satisfactions and performance.

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