A Study on Movie Piracy

Ashvini Ravi, Lekshmi R.S., Rajamani K


This study was an eye opener as it showed the extent of movie piracy in Chennai city. The rampant piracy is primarily fueled by easy availability of pirated movies in CDs and on the internet. While movie producers spend crores of rupees in making a movie, the same movie is sold for a few rupees or is available for free on the internet.

While older and more educated still preferred the theatre experience it was the young, less educated and the student community who seemed to be propagating piracy in the city.

The study has made an attempt to create awareness and sensitize people to the piracy situation. The team has created a website, a facebook page and an instagram page to actively help fight this parasitic phenomenon. The team is also digitally marketing the social media pages in order to spread the awareness.

Let us hope that the world arrives at better ways to curb piracy in the near future as movie piracy could well mean annihilation of the movie industry in the not so far future.  



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