A study of Spiritual Intelligence among Professionals and Non-professionals

Dr. Renuka Joshi, Jubilee Goyal


Abstract: Spiritual intelligence is that intelligence which is required when we begin to open up to our spirit’s journey and quest for a greater understanding of life. A comparative study of spiritual intelligence was done on 100 respondents, both professionals and non-professionals in the city of Dehradun, to study their level of spiritual intelligence, to compare their level of spiritual intelligence and to observe the gender differences on spiritual intelligence. The total sample was equally divided into two group professionals and non-professionals and further into two sub groups males and females. Stratified random sampling was used and all the subjects were matched on socio-economic status and age group. Roqan Spiritual Intelligence Test (2010) was used to assess the spiritual intelligence of the subjects. Mean, S.D. and ANOVAs’ were used to infer findings and prove the proposed hypothesis. Professionals and non-professionals and gender showed significant differences in spiritual intelligence.

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