A Conceptual Review on Behavioural Intention to Revisit of Heritage Tourist

Hendrikus Kadang, Rohaizat Baharun, Umar Haiyat Abdul Kohar


There were plenty studies have been conducted to investigate the tourist behavioural intention to revisit and emerged some factors influencing. However, most of them were applied with difference perspective and in the various contexts. This paper aims to discuss the factors influencing heritage tourist’s behavioural intention to revisit a destination by applying the new conceptual framework. This paper uses a document reviews and provides a synthesis on the previous studies findings to find out the potential conceptual framework. The results emerged that some of factors were specified as antecedent variables of heritage tourist’s behavioural intention to revisit. Those variables were service quality, experience quality, destination image, promotion, and satisfaction. However, the relationship between variables still becomes a hot issue to debate in particularly the role of those variables to encourage the intention of tourits to behave. This paper proposes service quality and experience quality as a predictor on criterion of heritage tourist’s behavioural intention to revisit and on the other hand, service quality influences experience quality. Furthermore, satisfaction can be proposed as a mediating variable of the relationship between predictors and the criterion. Finally, destination image and promotion play a role as moderating variables between satisfaction and heritage tourist’s behavioural intention to revisit. As conclusion, this paper provided a new conceptual framework based on the previous literatures. For further researchers, this paper’s finding could be applied by conducting a quantitative or a mixed method approach for additional benefit.



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