Stress Analysis among BPO Employees Based on their Demographic Profile



The rationale of the present study is to analyze the demographic profile of the employees in the BPO industry and to study each gender. As now a day’s female has become the counterpart of the male in any IT industry, especially BPO, s wherein female’s growth is at par. With the identification of differences in responses for each gender, the researcher has based this study on key predictor i.e. Multiple of (gender based) demographic variables. Briefly, this study determined research area such as- differences between jobs performed by males and females, differences between stress responses of males and females, effectiveness of employee assistance program for BPO employees of each gender. In this paper, analysis of data is done in two parts – descriptive statistics and interferential statistics. In the descriptive part, the demography of statistical sample is examined and the results have been shown in percentage analyses, frequency tables and bar charts. Analytical details about demographic such as gender, age, annual income, education, level in management and  perceived effectiveness of employee assistance programs for  males  and females BPO’s employees are explained in this paper. Gender differences in the workplace via organization climate, job content, working conditions, skills required, salary, leadership, supervision, recognition and rewards have been used in questionnaire to study their effect on each gender. It has also been concluded that all existing employee assistance programs are not perceived equally effective by both males and female employees.

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