The Relationship between Employee Participation in Decision Making and Job Satisfaction

Tadelo Muche Jember, Teshager Baye, Assegid Demissie


The present study is an insight about the relationship between employee participation in decision making and job satisfaction. This study was conducted on the positivism approach to research. The data was collected by structured questionnaire from employees of Gondar City Revenue Administration through self administered questionnaire from a sample of 125 respondents. These respondents were selected using stratified sampling technique. The data collected from the questionnaire were analyzed using statistical tools such as mean, standard deviation, correlation, and simple linear and multiple regression analysis.

In the descriptive analysis the results showed that overall level of employee participation in decision making in the revenue administration is low (mean=2.68) and also many of the respondent responded that they were dissatisfied by their work in both intrinsic, extrinsic and overall level of job satisfaction with a low (mean=2.44).

Employee knowing of organizational aims and targets is significantly, positively related and best predictor of participation in decision making, advancement and working conditions are significantly, positively related and best predictor of intrinsic satisfaction and extrinsic satisfaction respectively.

The findings indicate that a significantly strong positive correlation was found to exist between overall job satisfaction and participation in decision-making (r=0.597). The findings indicate also a positively strong correlation between participation in decision-making and intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction in relation to advancement (r=0.698); independence (r=0.667); use of skills and abilities (r=0.547); responsibility (r=0.533); compensation (r=0.609) and working condition(r=0.533). The findings indicate that the level of job satisfaction for workers at GCRA increases proportionately with an increase in their level of participation in decision-making.

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