The Online Consumer Behaviour and Opportunities–A Birds Eye View

josephine rebecca



The underlying concepts and the basis behaviour of consumers in the Internet market are discussed in this paper, showing that online behaviour does not always follow the traditional behaviour. The current knowledge of online consumers is limited and therefore this research is an attempt to explore this phenomenon. In addition to academia, understanding consumers and their decision-making journey is of importance to e-businesses in order to facilitate and influence consumers’ purchase processes. This knowledge can be used to reach consumers “in the right place at the right time with the right message”.

In order to win customers in the online market place, where all the competitors and their products are readily accessible, companies require a comprehensive understanding of their customers. E-businesses have encountered challenges in addressing consumer needs and utilizing the capabilities of this environment to the maximum. Little is yet known about the way consumers make purchase decisions, search, and use information in this environment. Online consumers behave differently and also have more sophisticated needs. They are not only buyers but also Internet users. They perform the purchase-related tasks to fulfill a purchase as they would with a traditional retailer. In addition, they require interacting with the Internet while directing the process on their own. Their behaviour is affected by general purchase-related factors and also their interactions with the Internet environment. It is, therefore, crucial to understand their requirements and concerns due to the nature of the online environment. This knowledge can then be used to enhance the shopping experience and provide instant personalization based on the knowledge of consumer.


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