Suman Naredla


Media is an integral part of lives in the twenty-first century. In the last four years, the Advertising industry recorded an overall growth at a CAGR of 11.4%. Internet advertising, with 28% growth, remained the fastest-growing segment as an increasing number of advertisers are looking to use the online platform to connect with the youth. India will be the fastest growing country over the next five years at 18.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR. The global outlook projects India’s entertainment and media industry revenue at Rs. 120,871 crore in 2011, as against Rs. 51,715 crore in 2006. Media usage by child & youth differs depending on the demographics of cities. Mobile usage, computer with internet facility, listening to radio and reading news paper/magazine were used highly by child / youth of Metros (Bengaluru, Hyderabad), followed by tier II cities (Vizag and Vijayawada) and comparatively less in tier III cities (Warangal). Media usage is influenced by demographics like child & youth standard of education. Children time consumption on a holiday is varied from school working day. On working day children spend more time (one hour and above (86%)) on studies and on holiday majority time is spent on watching TV, playing with mobile, using computers with internet or playing sports. In three-fourth of families, there is a conflict on media selection and content appropriateness between parent & child and Three-fourth of families has conflict over media usage time between child and parent as well. This paper is a primary data based market research conducted to  analyze Media appropriateness and control of media usage

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