The new trend of marketing 2.0 in the company's strategy.

Sofia SMAILI, Toufik Majdi



In the current context of crisis and major organizational transformation, companies are forced to rethink their mode of operation and business models. The main changes affecting the latter are amplified by the explosion of Web 2.0 and social media.

The evolution of the digital universe leads to the emergence of new marketing practices. There is a strong overlap between technology and marketing. This overlap is relatively complex, but demonstrates the pervasiveness of technology in the digital marketing activity. The marketing approach 2.0 is to engage the user-consumer and make it adhere to the company. For this, we must review the actions of communication both from the perspective of the relationship with the user-consumer and the content of the message communicated.


The digital universe -digital marketing - The marketing approach 2.0 - the user-consumer.

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