Role of internal marketing perception on customer orientation and mediating effect of job satisfaction among private bank employees in India

Bhavani Devi G, Geetha S.N


This study aims at investigating the effect of internal marketing perception on customer oriented behavior of private bank employees considering the mediating role of job satisfaction. To carry out the study the researcher used a descriptive study on sample of 165 private bank employees using stratified  random sampling. Internal marketing perception was measured using Liao et al’s scale using internal communications, supervisory leadership, intangible benefits, compensation and upward communication as dimensions whereas Customer orientation was measured using Saxe and Weitz SOCO scale and job satisfaction was measured using 15 item scale used by Warr et al. Reliability analysis was done to test the suitability of tools used. Correlation analyses and mediation analysis were done to test the relationship between the variables. Individual dimensions were also correlated to the dependent variable to find out the most and least correlated. Analyses showed positive correlations between internal marketing , job satisfaction and customer orientation. Mediation analysis proved that job satisfaction significantly mediates the relationship between internal marketing and customer orientation.

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