An Overview of Crime in Sub-saharan Africa in the 21st Century



The outbreak of Crime in the 21st century south of the Sahara originates from poverty, mental madness, the search for an easy way of life, acculturation, power hungriness and globalization. It takes several forms. Though there is a change in habits due to globalisation through television and internet, crime has become undulating and varied; ritual crimes, assassinations, murders.  Also, this phenomenon is growing and is perfected through underground rebellions, terrorism, urban guerrilla, robberies, abductions and sexual slavery, thus becoming a cross-border issue. There is an increase in crime in many countries in black Africa. The devaluation of the CFA franc, and the coming of democracy has encouraged alternation at the top of the State. Backward mentalities, multiple post-election crises in sub-Saharan Africa have contributed to the high increase in crime wave. This is the case of Côte d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo,(DRC) the Central Africa Republic (CAR) with its multiple rebellions movements.  Similarly, we are witnessing the rise of terrorism with the incursions of groups such as Boko Haram that persecutes Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger. Populations suffer and implore the aid of the deity. These men without faith nor law, plunder, kill, vow to the disregard the rules introduced in their countries and violate human rights and dignity. They have a single leitmotif their happiness and their justice; forging their own world, hence the need for peoples to come together and combat this phenomenon.


Keywords: Criminality, insecurity, terrorism, violence, poverty, bad governance

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