The impact of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Generation Program (MGNREGP ) on the lives of the beneficiaries

John Vasantha Kumar, Lourdes Poobala Rayen


The livelihood securities are the essential tool for the quality of life and economic welfare of the people. The MGNREGP is a vital program for eradicating the rural unemployment and poverty by offering 150 days of guaranteed labour in the villages. It offers an alternative and tangible source of livelihood by creating the labour in the village level, alleviating poverty to some extent, and making villages self-sustaining through productive assets creation such as road construction, cleaning up of water tanks, soil and water conservation work, planting tree saplings etc. In this paper the researcher presents the potential benefits of MGNREGP and the impact created by MGNREGP on the beneficiaries towards the objective for which the program had been designed.


Key words: MGNREGP, quality of life, economic welfare, eradication of rural unemployment, guaranteed labour, tangible source of livelihood, self-sustainment, productive asset.




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