Intelligence Enhancement is Possible by Seven Effective Thinking Patterns (SETP) Tool

Arvinder Singh


Intelligence enhancement has always remained the challenge for scientists and psychologists. Various tools have been proposed and tested. In latest researches by the Seven Effective Thinking Patterns (SETP) tool designed and developed by Dr. Arvinder Singh is tested for intelligence enhancement. The sample comprises of 75 adults randomly selected from colleges, entrepreneur and corporate employees. . The selected parameters for evaluation were: 1.Number of Ideas 2.Quality of Ideas 3.Positive Factors of the situation (Pros) 4.Negative factors of the situation (cons) . Pre and Post training scores were evaluated on a scale of 1 to 10.

Number of ideas during pre-training situation was 4.13±1.236 while for Post-training situation it was 7.32±1.312. with increase of 77.2%. The score on quality of ideas of  pre-training was 3.96±1.130 and for post-training it was 7.94±1.437 registering increment 99.99%. The Positive Factors of the situation (Pros) score during pre-training was 4.20±0.987 and post-training 6.98±1.271 with increase 66.2%. The score on Negative factors of the Situation (Cons) during pre-training was 4.84±0.896 and for post-training situation it was 8.05±1.129 with increase of 66.3%.  It is concluded that SETP tool is quite effective in improving intelligence of participant on Guilford Model of Intelligence.

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