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Children constitute an important target market and merit attention from a marketing perspective. Children constitute three different markets: the primary, the influencer, and the future market. For some products children are primary buyers, they sometimes purchase a product themselves or select the product before it is purchased by the parents. For other products, which are used by the entire family unit, they may influence purchases made by the parents or in other case children wield direct influence or pester power by overtly specifying their preferences and voicing them aloud. The amount of influence exerted by children varies by product category and stages of the decision making process. This ‘passive dictation’ of choice is prevalent for a wide variety of daily consumed product items as well as products for household consumption. Also, decision making in households is seen to change with the mere presence of children.


A supportive family system also means that grandparents, uncles and aunts play a very vital role in ensuring that children do not fall prey to advertisement and marketing gimmicks very easily. It is a war between marketers and the family, where the marketer is using money & resources to entice children and the family uses its strength & values to protect the children. We can continue to hope the family wins.


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