Project Management Factors impacting Contingency: A Study onConstruction of Substations in UAE

Sreenivasan Lakshmanan, Dr. Joji Rao, Dr. Sumeet Gupta



To identify the significant risk factors faced by the organization involved in the construction of substations in United Arab Emirates which are impacting the project performance due to contingency estimation for the project.

Design / Methodology / Approach

A structured questionnaire for Project Management sectionwith 19 questionswas prepared for response in 5 point scale of Importance.  The questionnaire was distributed by means of e-mail and hand delivery.  The responses were received by e-mail, by hand & by telephone conversations.  These responses are taken up further for Factor Analysis using statistical tool (SPSS).


A condensed list of 5 significant risk factors was identified out of the original 19 identified risk factors in the Project Management section, based on their importance, as received from various respondents,after carrying out factor analysis of these responses.

Research Limitation / Implication

The present study provides a list of significant risk factors faced in the construction of substations in United Arab Emirates, which is being taken up for further research to check the impact of the contingency perception of these risk factors on the project performance in terms of Time and Cost.  The findings and result are related to the Project Management section of the Questionnaire.

Originality / value

This research provides an output that is very useful for organizations involved in construction of substations projects in United Arab Emirates for taking up these risk factors for a detailed analysis and adopting a suitable mitigation plan for improving the project performance.


Keywords: Project Management, Risk factors, Contingency, Substations, UAE



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