A Study of Impact of Online Shopping on Direct Selling

Dr. Smita Mishra, Megha Grover


Abstract: The Internet is a global communication medium that is increasingly being used as an innovative tool for marketing goods and services. The Internet has added a new dimension to the traditional nature of retail shopping. The internet offers many advantages over traditional shopping channels and the medium is a competitive threat to traditional retail outlets. Globally, consumers are rapidly adopting Internet shopping and shopping online. It is becoming popular in China. If online marketers and retailers know and understand the factors affecting consumers’ buying behavior, they can further develop their marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

There is a conceptual gap in the marketing literature as there has been very limited published research on the factors influencing consumers’ choices between online shopping and traditional shopping in China. This study seeks to fill this conceptual gap in the context of online shopping by identifying the key factors influencing

Chinese consumers’ online shopping behavior. This research offers some insights into the links between e-shopping and consumers’ decisions to shop or not shop online. This information can help online marketers and retailers to develop appropriate market strategies, make technological advancements, and make the correct marketing decisions in order to retain current customers and attract new customers. Moreover, managerial implications and recommendations are also presented.

Keywords: Online Shopping, Electronic Market, China



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