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Purchase of consumer durables is today, a major challenge before many families, especially those having a limited income.  Within their income, such a family has to meet its obligatory needs and find ways to purchase items which are, today, being increasingly considered as essentials – and not luxuries. This phenomenon can be found ever in small towns. The increase in awareness levels of the residents can be attributed to either the influence of the media (mostly the print media) or through interaction with relatives, friends and neighbours. A significant issue is that the buyers are exercising their minds’ and not blindly purchasing these items, simply because the dealer speaks highly about these. It is also seen that buyers are reasonably conscious about the reputation of the manufacturer. Since such items are quite costly, the consultation process - which may range between a few days (in case of relatively cheaper items) to even a year (in case of items like Mixer-grinders and refrigerators) - with a number of influential ‘players’ is almost imperative. This paper presents a detailed analysis of the purchase behaviour of selected respondents with regard to Six durables- T.V, Washing machine, gas stoves, rice cookers, mixer grinders and refrigerators from K.K.Nagar of Trichy town. The desire to purchase household amenities is no longer an urban phenomenon. Even in relatively small towns, consumers are showing an inclination to purchase such type of  kitchenware durables, which in the past were not considered as essential. It is important to note that the respondents are applying their minds and considering various factors before actually purchasing consumer durable items. Also, they are quite ‘brand conscious. Consumers are also considering factors like relatively low price, lesser maintenance cost, effective working ability and the overall quality of the product- before making the purchase decision. All these goes to show that even in small towns the ‘customer is the king’

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