Gossiping in Indian Service Cluster: A Brief Empirical Study

Swati Pathak


Abstract – Gossiping is once such unproductive organizational behavior that can only be avoided but can’t be eradicated totally from any organization. It is often hard to detect the source of origin of any rumor but it spreads exponentially in a very short span. Gossip activities are often looked upon with a negative perspective however; this paper also reflects the positive pane of such activities. The purpose of this paper is to examine impact on organizations of gossip activities at work by employees. The reasons why people engage in such behaviors are explored and possible recommendations to overcome this problem are proposed herewith.

Design/Methodology/Approach – A literature review on current and earlier researches on same and similar areas was conducted followed by the designing of a self-report questionnaire and its empirical analysis.

Keywords – Workplace deviance, Political deviance, Gossiping, Unethical behaviour.

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