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Concept of Work-Life balance is gaining importance in all the sectors from academics to the corporate but it is essential not to miss out the nucleus aspect i.e. self, our relationship with ourselves and then with the other roles of life. Healthier & balanced the relationship with self, stronger & better will be the connection with life’s other roles, be it personal or professional.

'Need prevails when deficiency arises'. People are failing to find a point of balance, where they can help self, life and then the organization for which they work. We all are born as leaders and we are born with great harmony and with growing years we damage the accord and become an ordinary person. This paper will reveal the ways to be leader again and gain the great blessed harmony and help our organizations to perform.

The qualitative analysis in the paper will focus on teachers, trainers and facilitators in academic institution. This will acknowledge their difficult role in counseling, guiding and managing the tensions of an organization with a dual purpose: An overall development of students and elements of vocation as well as service to others at its core, with managing the self, life & workplace imbalance.


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