Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme -- A newbie investor’s wisdom or folly ??

Kashyap Arunkumar Ganatra, Mrs. Rekha Gupta


There is not much awareness and penetration amongst the Indian general public when it comes to capital markets. To add fuel to fire, the dependence on Foreign Investors and their dollars is taking a big toll on the market. This has also lead to depleted value of our rupee. The question arises that is our economy to be blamed for the same or is the general population to be blamed because their lesser participation & investment in the capital markets which has lead to the situation what it is today? On the other hand, even the government with the help of Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS) is trying to make capital markets attractive to small investors and is hoping to rope in their investments. The expectation is that more and more people will be attracted to equity markets and the equity culture will spread to the people. This paper intends to create an awareness about the newly launched scheme RGESS but at the same time also wants to look into the same with a question in mind, which is “whether the first time investor will benefit from this or will it be his biggest mistake”?


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