An Empirical Investigation on factors that influences the employees towards organizational commitment in private star hotels at Coimbatore

Karuppasamy Pandian


The purpose of this research article is to introduce organizational commitment and key research on commitment related factors at private star hotels in India. In this study an attempt has been made to identify the various factors that influence the employee’s towards organizational commitment. The study is a descriptive one. Primary data was collected by the researcher with the help of structured questionnaire administered to the middle and top level executives of two Private star hotels in Coimbatore - Tamilnadu. The method adopted to get the data was Interview Schedule. 103 employees from those organizations constitute the sample size. Fifteen questionnaires were distributed for the purpose of pre-testing the questionnaire's contents. A complete questionnaire was developed based on the comments collected during the pre-testing period. Type of sampling method used was simple random sampling. Due to various reasons the companies name is not being disclosed in this study. The various factors that are taken to measure the organizational commitment    are 1) Job Satisfaction 2) Organizational Politics 3) Motivation 4) Role Clarity and 5) Intention to stay. Using various statistical tools like Factor analysis and multiple regression some of the relevant findings were derived that will be significant and relevant to the present Indian scenario.

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