Indian Personality and Managerial Behavior: A New Paradigm

Mohammed Galib Hussain


Blind imitation of western behavioral scientists in understanding managerial behavior will not help Indian management thinkers as well as Indian organizations.For decades Indian business thought is rooted in the western psycho-philosophical intellectual traditions. This has led to  the prescription of wrong policy measures by the Indian management pundits for solving Indian business problems. The writer has presented a modest case of drawing on three thousand years thought to articulate Indian concept of personality and its various ramifications in an organizational-milieu.

To be sure, this attempt has nothing to do with cultural fundamentalism; but stemmed from pure commercial motives of Indian business, namely, improving wealth maximization, keeping bottom lines intact, capturing more market share.

A word of caution: the entire Indian philosophical in nature and not subject to rigor of western empirical research: Indian business researchers need to validate their cultural heritage with the tools of the west to be incorporated in to the body of management discipline.







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