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The issue of entrepreneurship and leadership is well discussed in the past and present. How far these two terms related to each other is still a core debatable topic. Some says all entrepreneurs are born leaders, while some other says; all entrepreneurs have to build up leadership qualities. While this debate is going on a case study is conducted on a self moulded entrepreneur from Sultanate of Oman. This case describe the journey of Mr. Hussain, as an entrepreneurial leader, gives many answer to the above discussed aspects: leader-entrepreneur. The researcher followed sensitive case analysis method to collect data and observe its validity and reliability. The debate of leader-entrepreneur needs to be answered through the incidents Mr. Hussain has experienced across throughout his life.  This is a real case from the Sultanate of Oman. This is the journey of an entrepreneur who faced extreme challenges and overcame struggles in business through common sense – “the sixth sense.”



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